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Areas of Practice



From company formations through to their liquidation, we can help to ensure that your business complies with company law, is protected from insolvent customers, and has well documented business relationships. Talk to our specialists about how we can add value to your business through pragmatic and commercially astute legal advice on any of the following: 

•    Incorporation
•    Constitution
•    Shareholding Agreement
•    Financing

•    Constructing and Negotiating Contracts
•    Commercial Lending & Finance
•    Insolvency
•    Joint Ventures & Partnerships
•    Business Merger
•    Franchising
•    Business Leases


Maintaining the integrity of your public image is imperative. Our Employment specialists will provide pragmatic solutions to your legal issues. Whether you are an employer or employee, we will deliver professional representation when you need it the most. 
We can help you with: 

•    Employment Agreements
•    Dispute Resolution
•    Personal Grievances
•    Unfair or Unjustified Dismissal Claims
•    Restructuring
•    Redundancy
•    Leave Entitlement
•    Discrimination


Being situated in the heart of the Waikato, our firm is no stranger to the issues associated with agricultural and horticultural business. We can assist you with your rural farming issues including:

•    Sale & Purchase of Farms
•    Farming Securities
•    Farming Leases
•    Sharemilking Agreements
•    Farming Disputes & Arbitration
•    Accretions
•    Easements
•    Resource Management


Jefferies Law provides immigration services to individuals, professionals, businesses and investors alike. We can assist and advise you as to your migration needs including:

•    Immigration for Employers
•    Residence Visas
•    Work Visas
•    Visitors Visas
•    Student Visas


We are skilled in all property related legal issues so whether you are buying, selling, refinancing, subdividing, restructuring or leasing property, we can help you through the process with practical, sensible and cost effective advice on:

 •    Sales & Purchases
•    Subdivisions
•    Negotiating to Buy & Sell Property
•    Accretions
•    Unit Titles & Cross Leases
•    Property Development
•    Retirement Villages
•    Financing & Refinancing


Jefferies Law has strong experienced family lawyers that offers a high quality of service and comprehensive advice. Our solicitors are skilled practitioners with an excellent understanding of Family Court processes.  We understand the dynamics of family disputes and are committed to reaching resolutions that suit our client’s needs. We have experience in various aspects of family law including:

•    Parenting Orders
•    Domestic Protection
•    Personal Management Orders
•    Paternity and Child Support
•    Adoption Orders
•    Dissolution of Marriage Orders



Whether an individual, trust or corporation, our Maori legal issues team can provide you with tailor made, practical and cost effective advice.  Born out of the Waikato, Jefferies Law has extensive experience in representing Maori on a range of issues including:

•    Treaty Claims
•    Maori Corporations
•    Maori Land Trusts
•    Securities (including Borrowing & Mortgaging)
•    Maori Land Development
•    Sale and Purchase
•    Leasing
•    Access
•    Succession


Don’t leave your family with a legal headache - Get your will sorted today! We can guide you through the legal implications that might affect your estate and ensure that your assets are left to the right people.

Take charge of your affairs with Enduring powers of attorney.  These can be structured to take effect immediately or only when you are unable to make decisions concerning your property or care and welfare.  We can assist you through the options and ensure that any attorney you grant is used only for your benefit.


Our civil litigation team is experienced in a range of civil claims, from debt collection, injunctions and liquidations, to complex commercial disputes.
Considering and recommending a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an important part of the litigation team's approach to any new problem.  Our team is well qualified to advise on ADR as an option, and to assist during the process
Our experience includes: 

•    Recovery of Commercial Debts
•    Enforcement of Judgments
•    Liquidations & Bankruptcies
•    Claiming or Defending All Aspects of Commercial           & Civil Disputes including contract disputes, Fair               Trading actions and negligence claims
•    Estate & Will Disputes including Family Protection              and testamentary promise claims
•    Insurance Litigation
•    Accident Compensation
•    E-Commerce & I.T. Litigation
•    Leaky Buildings
•    Mediation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute                       Resolution
•    Court Actions through District Court, High Court &           Court Of Appeal


Unless you have entered into an agreement with your spouse, civil union or de-facto partner, any division of relationship property upon separation or death will be subject to the provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.  Our experienced relationship property team can assist you with a variety of issues including:

We can help you with: 
•    Contracting Out Agreements (Prenuptial                           Agreements)
•    Separation and Division of Relationship Property
•    Dissolution of Marriage


Jefferies Law can guide you through the legal processes associated with Trusts, Estates & Succession Planning, and help protect your assets for generations to come. Contact us for more information on the following:

•    Formation & Administration of Family Trusts
•    The Duties & Liabilities of Trustees
•    Formation & Administration of Charitable Trusts

•    Wills
•    Enduring Power of Attorney
•    Investment
•    Retirement Villages
•    Personal Management Orders
•    Wills for second relationships
•    Enduring Powers of Attorney
•    Disputes arising from Wills